Jean-Jacques Detiège

I was born on December 15 a long time ago. It was around noon, but I can’t remember whether it was snowing or not. I spent my childhood with a friendly sculptor and then under the African sun. Later, I chose the wonderful job of being a family doctor and I practiced for over 20 years.


My penchant for storytelling started early. At the age of 8, I was already inventing stories and telling them to my cousin. Then I surprised my scout friends with my tales during evenings around the campfire. When I turned 11, I met a young girl at a holiday camp in Switzerland who was two years younger than me. We were best friends. Can you guess her name? It was Isabelle!


In the year 2000, I became a professional storyteller-creator. Through my works, I surprise, fascinate, and lead my audience to the very heart of childhood, which I never left. When I tell a story—whether it was written to inspire shudders or dreams, a fantastic or magical tale, adventurous or sentimental—I see wonder sparkling in the listeners’ eyes.


A storyteller at festivals and major events, I am also experienced with young people’s programs. I regularly go to schools, where I never neglect the educational side. Listening to my stories always brings joy to children as well as older audience members, from teenagers to adults.


A few milestones:
"Le Mystère de la carrière engloutie" was published in Le Phare Dimanche; this story recently received an award and was republished in La Longue Nuit de Mr jour, Épingle à nourrice Éditeur;

"Les Mémoires d'un stylo" was published in Le Journal de Tintin;

"Le crucifix" was published in Patapon;

"Magali : La baguette magique"  was awarded first prize by Le Centre Européen pour la Promotion des Arts et des Lettres (CEPAL);

I received the Children’s Prize from the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc for the story "Béatrice et François : Le Chat et le chien" ;

An excerpt from "La Grande Peur de Christine"  appears in a textbook published by Plantyn Editions.